Scenario: Alice and Bob are both connected to SomeDomain. Bob is having trouble with some software that Alice wrote. Alice wants debug the software on Bob's computer.

  1. Bob does not have the remote debugger on his computer. To setup the remote debugger, Alices share out the 'Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\Remote Debugger' directory on her computer. She creates a file share called 'Remote'.
  2. Bob runs \\AliceComputer\Remote\x86\Msvsmon.exe
  3. After the remote debugger (Msvsmon.exe) starts up, Bob configures the remote debugger through the Tools->Permissions dialog. He gives Alice permission to debug. Alternatively, Bob could configure the remote debugger by passing the '/allow' option at startup.
  4. Alice starts Visual Studio
  5. In the Tools menu, Alice clicks Attach to Process
  6. Alice asks Bob to read her the server name shown in the Remote Debugging Monitor as the server name. It is SomeDomain\Bob@BobComputer.
  7. Alice connects to Bob's computer by entering SomeDomain\Bob@BobComputer into the name edit box.
  8. Alice selects the application, and starts debugging